EDGE Camp Update #2

Hello Parents today is Friday, August 27th at 3:30 pm:
The following words are the exact words received form camp today ...
So much to do!!! The dining hall was graced by 14+ priests this afternoon for reconciliation. Marc (Bethany's brother) lost one of his teeth last night at dinner and I have saved it for him. We are all starved (must be the air because the food is plentiful). Can't wait for tonight's dessert! We the core leaders all sit with our parish campers for meals. Have to say that most of the kids haven't yet caught on to the 'helping' bit, but they will be pros by the end of the week! Please tell the parents that the kids are all participating and that they are taken care of even if they have decided not to take part in an activity. They are adapting well to camp life.
Take care.