EDGE Camp - Update #4
Parents, please note that the buses were late leaving camp this morning and the estimated time of arrival has been updated to 5:00 pm.  Yes, the buses are approximately 1 hour late.
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EDGE Update and Return Schedule

EDGE Camp - Update #3
Hello Parents - Today is Monday, August 30, 2010 - 11:00 am.
I guess the old saying "No news is good news" has truth to it.  I didn't receive any news this weekend but I know that the children and leaders are doing well and all quite exhausted by the end of the day.  Father Marc-Andre has confirmed that the children are fine and not many of them want to leave tomorrow.  They are having a great time!
Only one day left.  The buses are scheduled to arrive at St. Joseph's Church tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 31) at approximately 4:00 pm.  If they encounter any delays then I will keep you posted via the website.
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EDGE Camp Update #2

Hello Parents today is Friday, August 27th at 3:30 pm:
The following words are the exact words received form camp today ...
So much to do!!! The dining hall was graced by 14+ priests this afternoon for reconciliation. Marc (Bethany's brother) lost one of his teeth last night at dinner and I have saved it for him. We are all starved (must be the air because the food is plentiful). Can't wait for tonight's dessert! We the core leaders all sit with our parish campers for meals. Have to say that most of the kids haven't yet caught on to the 'helping' bit, but they will be pros by the end of the week! Please tell the parents that the kids are all participating and that they are taken care of even if they have decided not to take part in an activity. They are adapting well to camp life.
Take care.

Edge Camp

Dear Campers and Parents!

A few reminders for our Thursday departure:

Please meet at St Joseph's Church at 10:30 am to check in and get your bus assignment and group information.

Please make sure all your items are clearly labeled with your first and last name.

Weather: Rain is forecasted for Thursday- please plan accordingly with a rain coat!
The rest of the week is looking great with temperatures between 20-25 degrees. It will get cold in the evening, so please plan to layer and bring warm clothing- a warm fleece sweater, long sleeved shirts and socks. Warm pajamas for the evening is also strongly encouraged!! We will have a few evening programs that will take place outside, so a wind jacket is also a good idea.

This past Saturday, our Edge Core team, comprised of 55 volunteers met for our final prep meeting for camp. It was wonderful to see everyone's enthusiasm and excitement! We have an awesome week planned and we hope you are all looking forward to a fun and faith filled week!

See you Thursday!