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We will have The Shepherd’s Trust annual collection taken up at each Mass this weekend, November 17/18.  Thank you for your generous support and for caring for the welfare of our retired priests. 

your envelope number. Next weekend, Nov 24/25, we will have the 2013 envelopes out in the Parish Hall.  They are set out in numerical order.  For those using PAG, your envelope box # is still available if you wish to use; envelopes now have a check box for PAG on the front.

For parishioners with current Envelope Nos
from 1500s to 1700s
In order to keep the costs down for envelopes, for the 65 or so parishioners using these higher envelope numbers, please note that we have reassigned you a lower envelope number for 2013 based on those which are unclaimed and available. 
A list showing your previous number and your ‘new’ envelope number for 2013 will be posted in the Parish Hall (along with your names) so that you can pick up the new envelope box with your new number for the year 2013 [ eg. John Doe, 1234 Happy St., Miss, ON - Previous #1625/ New #899].  If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact the Parish office at 905-826-2766.