Happy and Blessed Christmas to all!

The grace of God has appeared bringing salvation to all Titus, 2:11
We gather to celebrate the gift of salvation graciously offered to us by our loving God.  By this gift, he offers us the possibility of a life giving relationship with him, he enables us to worship him in Spirit and Truth and opens for us the possibility of being united with Him in the Halls of Heaven. This celebration of Christmas fills us with joy.  A joy that is first and foremost spiritual but that manifests itself in concrete ways.  We have decorated our homes, set our tables, gathered family and friends.  We have prepared gifts for those we love and we have not forgotten the poor and afflicted.  May all our efforts to show our joy at the birth of a Saviour lead us to a deeper commitment to follow the Christ Child, the only one who can lead us to peace and joy.

Happy and blessed Christmas to all!

e Fr. Marc-Andre Campbell