A Word from the Pastor

Dear Parishioners,

Filled with Easter Joy, we are invited to  contemplate the figure of Mary of Magdala. Out of love, she stood by the cross, she followed them when they brought Him to the Tomb and saw the seals placed on the stone and the guard being mounted.  She returned the following day to find that that stone had been rolled away.  Not even entering, and her love for the Master burning in her heart, she ran to the disciples to announce the news!
            May we, following the example of Mary of Magdala, keep watch and run to others to share the good news of His Resurrection.  This is news that must not be kept to ourselves; it needs to be shared with those who are in need of Hope and Life. May we be bold in bringing the good news of the Resurrection of the Lord to all who are disillusioned and disappointed by what the world offers.                
Like Mary, may we run towards others, our hearts burning with the Love of the Risen One.
Happy Easter to All!

~ Fr. Marc-André Campbell