1. Have I loved God with all my heart?
Have I without sufficient reason missed Mass on any Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation? Have I undertaken some small penance each Friday throughout the year, such as abstaining from meat? Have I used the name of God in vain, in anger, or carelessly? Have I used swear words? Have I shown disrespect for holy things, places, or people? Have I experimented with the occult, or trusted in fortune tellers of horoscopes? Have I neglected my daily prayers, or said them badly? Have I been inattentive at Mass? Have I been careless in my preparation for or thanksgiving after, receiving the Sacraments? Have I received Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin? Have I given thanks to God for what He has given me? Have I placed my trust in Him? Have I resigned myself to His will?

2. Have I loved my neighbour as myself?
Have I taken part in, or encouraged, abortion, the destruction of human embryos, euthanasia, or any other means of taking human life? Have I been violent towards, or abused, anyone verbally or physically? Have I been dishonest by stealing or cheating, or not paying proper wages, or bills, or debts, or not doing the work well for which I am paid or which it is my duty to do? Have I been uncharitable by thought, word, or deed, or omission? Have I revealed the faults of others in idle gossip? Have I told lies, to injure anyone or to excuse myself? Have I revealed secrets I was bound to keep, or read other people’s letters? Have I contributed to the support of the Church according to my means? Have I been disobedient, rude, or sulky to those in authority over me? Have I been harsh, overbearing, or sarcastic to those under my authority? Have I brooded over injuries, been resentful, or refused to forgive? Have I been angry, envious, or jealous? Have I set my heart greedily on possessing things? Have I despised others, or given scandal, or bad example? Have I been vain, proud, selfish, or self-seeking? Have I been immodest or impure in thought, word, or deed with myself or with others? Have I made use of impure images on the computer, by watching films, or reading books/magazines? Have I been greedy or intemperate in eating or drinking? Have I taken illegal drugs? Have I given way to self-pity? Have I driven a vehicle without due regard to the safety of others or of myself? Have I been lazy at work, study, or domestic duties? Have I encouraged others to do wrong?

3. For married people and for parents:
Have I failed to foster warmth of love and affection in my marriage? Have I prolonged disagreements or harboured resentments? Have I failed to apologize when I have been wrong? Have I mistreated my spouse verbally, emotionally, physically? Have I used artificial forms of birth control? Have I been unfaithful to my marriage vows in any way or sinned against my marriage duties? Have I failed to teach my children to pray, and to love God, Our Lady, the angels and the saints? Have I failed to bring my children to Mass on any Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation? Have I neglected my duty to my children in regard to the practice of the Catholic Faith? Or with regard to their moral or general education? Have I been harsh or unjust to my children? Have I monitored my children’s well-being, for example by keeping an eye on what they watch on the TV or computer, what they read, or who they mix with?