From: From Pope Francis Homily at Rome's Verano cemetery; Nov. 1, 2013

    The Lord God, beauty, goodness, truth, tenderness, the fullness of love -- all that awaits us, and all those who preceded us and died in the Lord are there, in heaven with God. Even the best of the saints were not saved by their good works, but by the blood of Christ. God is the one who saves; he is the one who carries us like father -- at the end of our lives -- to that heaven where our forebears are.

The feast day reading from the seventh chapter of the Book of Revelation described a multitude of people from every race and nation standing before God. They were dressed in white, the pope said, because they were "washed in the blood of the Lamb”. We can enter into heaven only thanks to the blood of the lamb, the blood of Christ.
    If today we are remembering these brothers and sisters of ours who lived before us and are now in heaven, they are there because they were washed in the blood of Christ. That is our hope, and this hope does not disappoint. If we live our lives with the Lord, he will never disappoint us.

    We are children of God, and live in hope of one day seeing God as he is. On the feast of All Saints and before the Day of the Dead, it is important to think about hope.